As previously mentioned in the August 2016 issue of our Client Alert (Thailand 4.0 and the Latest Draft Amendment to the Computer Crime Act), the Thai Cabinet approved the draft Amendment to the Thai Computer Crime Act (the Amendment to the CCA) in April 2016. Since then, the Amendment to the CCA has seen several revisions and a final version was approved by the National Legislative Assembly (the NLA) on 16 December 2016. Below are the key issues to take away from the final version.

Please note that on certain issues, the final version differs from the earlier draft version of the Amendment to the CCA dated 17 August 2016. We have noted these differences in italicized font below for easy reference.


Now that the NLA has approved the Amendment to the CCA, it requires only the endorsement of His Majesty the King Rama X before publication in the Government Gazette, becoming effective 120 days after such publication.

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