Eponymous brands - our top tips

Ruth Burstall provides an overview and gives 10 top tips to consider when acquiring eponymous brands. Read more

Suffering from unauthorised sales? Don't lose heart

Unauthorised sales of genuine products can cause real damage for luxury brands, both in terms of serious and lasting damage to reputation and loss of profits. Julia Dickenson discusses how to challenge unauthorised sales in the EU. Read more

The end of times for #spon: labelling advertorials appropriately

Sabrina Tozzi analyses endorsements on social media, gives an overview as to what constitutes "advertising" and discusses how brands can be clear in their marketing communications in light of this. Read more

CJEU clarifies the definition of intermediary liability

Markus Hecht and Birgit Clark review this CJEU case, which holds that the operator of a physical marketplace is an intermediary under the Enforcement Directive, similar to an online marketplace -
C-494/15 Tommy Hilfiger. Read more


  • Grey sales could land you in jail Read more
  • Brexit mean Brexit, but what does Brexit mean for unregistered designs? Read more
  • Automotive designs: do replica car wheels infringe design rights or do they fall within the repair exception? Read more
  • Favourable changes to design fee rules Read more

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