Change before you have to.

Change is the new normal for today’s businesses, according to our survey of 350 C-suite executives from around the world. More than 90% of the respondents expect to pursue a business transformation in the next two years, either through internal efforts such as new product development, supply chain restructuring and relocations, or through transactions, such as acquisitions, spinoffs and IPOs.

This report, produced in collaboration with Longitude Research, examines the barriers to both business model and transactional restructurings. We identify effective ways companies can overcome these challenges, such as early mapping of legal, regulatory and tax issues, helping business leaders choose transformations strategies that are more likely to be successful.

Key findings:

  • Companies are pursuing business transformations for growth over cost cutting, but with an eye on managing risk
  • Partnerships and joint ventures are the leading types of transactions that companies plan to pursue in the next two years, topping mergers and acquisitions
  • Developing new products and services is the leading business model change that companies plan to pursue to achieve their growth objectives
  • Despite the growing complexity of the legal, regulatory and tax issues associated with business transformations, many business leaders fail to pay sufficient attention
  • Companies that seek legal and tax input early in the business transformation process experience better economic performance
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