French Intellectual Property Code Amendments

The French Intellectual Property Code has been amended to extend the list of copyright exceptions and levies to include private copying to cloud services through the use of Network Personal Video Recorders. Read more

CJEU: Free WiFi Networks can be Ordered to be Password Protected

In McFadden v Sony, the CJEU has ruled that the mere conduit defence applies to the operator of a free WiFi network, but that it could in theory be ordered under European law to password-protect the network. It is unlikely that this case will spell the end of unsecured WiFi networks in Europe. Read more

Commission Unveils Its (Pretty Controversial) Copyright Proposals

The Commission has unveiled its package of proposals for copyright reform. Read more

GS Media: Hyperlinking in the EU

This decision seeks to clarify the boundaries of legality when posting hyperlinks under EU copyright law, however it is now as clear as mud. Read more

Defending Cyber Attacks: Network and Information Security Directive

The intentions behind the Cybersecurity Directive and an explanation of the obligations it imposes on member states, operators and digital service providers. Read more

Brexit: Implications for the AV sector

An overview of our recent Baker Mckenzie webinar, where we gave an outline of the implications Brexit may have on the AV Sector. Read more

Are Member States Unlawfully Spying on Citizens?

AG Saugmandsgaard Øe gave the opinion that a general obligation to retain data imposed by a member state on providers of electronic communication services may be compatible with EU law and discussed the strict safeguards. Read more

Cartier Decision "entirely correct" says UK Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal confirms that blocking injunctions against intermediaries, already widely used for copyright, can also apply to cases of trade mark infringement. Read more

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