The global luxury & fashion industry continues to represent one of the most rapidly evolving landscapes and the current market is more wide reaching than ever before. Succeeding in today’s business environment necessitates that luxury & fashion brands adapt as quickly and with the same level of sophistication as the technologies and markets driving the growth of the industry.


Photo of Marc Levey
Marc Levey
Global Co-Chair, Luxury & Fashion, Baker McKenzie


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Intellectual Property: Recent Developments and Trends affecting Luxury and Fashion Brands

  • US: Lisa Rosaya – New York (Chair)
  • Canada: Stephanie Vacarri – Toronto
  • Latin America: Sergio Legorreta – Mexico City
  • Europe: Julia Dickenson – London

Compliance: How Are Luxury Companies Managing Their Compliance Risk?

  • US: Widge Devaney – New York (Chair)
             Lina Braude – Washington
             Maurice Bellan – Washington
  • Europe: Enrico Mancuso – Milan
  • Latin America: Jonathan Adams – Mexico City

BREXIT and the Luxury & Fashion Industry

  • US: James Wilson – New York

Managing a Digital Economy

  • US: Pam Church – New York (Chair)
             Sam Kramer – Chicago
             Harry Valetk – New York
             Teresa Michaud – San Francisco
  • Latin America: Flavia Rebello – Sao Paulo
  • Europe: Francesca Gaudino – Milan
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