Marrakech remains the 'action COP'

The event comes at a time when we are seeing increased international cooperation on fighting climate change, including the recent decision by the International Civil Aviation Organisation to limit growth in greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation sector and the recent agreement of parties to the Montreal Protocol on amendments to accelerate the phasedown of hydrofluorocarbons.

This spirit of cooperation has also been seen with the unprecedented number of countries that have ratified the Paris Agreement, which entered into force on 4 November 2016 — less than a year after it was agreed and well before many expected. This maintains the momentum among all countries to pursue ambitious action on climate change and work towards the goal of limiting global warming to well below 2 degrees C.

But considerable work is still required to support the mechanisms established by the Paris Agreement and facilitate its implementation. And this is a critical part of the agenda for Marrakech.

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COP22 Priorities

The Moroccan COP Presidency wants to see concrete action in Marrakech. Under the goal of focusing on enhanced ambition, promoting implementation and providing support, it has identified four priorities:

  • Strengthening action on mitigation and adaptation by all Parties before 2020
  • Supporting domestic action to give effect to nationally determined contributions
  • Pursuing collaborative initiatives as part of an intensified action agenda
  • Mobilising finance, technology and capacity-building support before and after 2020

The Moroccan government has itself decided to set an example on ambition, revising its greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal from 32% to 42% by 2030. It is expected that some other countries will follow this lead and enhance the ambition of their NDC commitments.

Baker McKenzie Involvement

We have a long history of participation in international climate change meetings. We regularly attend COP and COP/MOP meetings and closely follow the development of negotiating issues arising out of those meetings. Many of our lawyers have participated in the negotiations as members of country delegations, and we are actively involved in working with government industry groups and non-governmental organisations seeking to achieve global outcomes on climate change. Our team at COP 22 will attend in a number of additional capacities, including:

  • Acting as special legal advisers to the COP Presidency of the Kingdom of Morocco
  • Acting as a partner in GNIplus, a new global initiative to enhance INDC implementation
  • Martijn Wilder AM in his role as both Chair of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and Deputy Chair of the Asia Pacific Rainforest Partnership Private Sector Roundtable
  • Howard Bamsey AM PSM in his role as the designated Executive Director of the Green Climate Fund (GCF)

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