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Last 20 October 2016, upon initiative of the National Executive Power, a bill Supplementary to the Occupational Risks Regimen (hereinafter, the "Bill") was submitted to the Senate's consideration.

After pointing out that the legislation reforms introduced to date have not managed to provide the Occupational Risks System (hereinafter, the "System") with the necessary characteristics to make it legally, constitutionally and operationally sustainable, the Bill proposes certain amendments designed to correct, as indicated, "those issues that have led to unequitable situations."

In this regard, the Bill includes a series of measures with the apparent purpose of achieving the adherence of the Provinces and the City of Buenos Aires to the System, and, in this way, reduce the proliferation of individual litigation which, according to the Bill, has jeopardized the original purpose of the Occupational Risks Law Number 24,557 (hereinafter, "LRT") and amendments thereto.

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