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The September 2016 issue of the Global VAT/GST Newsletter provides updates from our Global VAT/GST practice on recent VAT and legal developments — both on a regional and a local country basis.

In this Issue:


  • Bye-bye BT! Comprehensive VAT System to Cover All Industries

Czech Republic

  • Change in Intrastat reporting


  • Conditions for the applications of Intra-Community VAT regime
  • The activity of purchase and sale of ‘bitcoin’ virtual currency units is exempt from Italian VAT
  • Italian Tax Authorities issued a ruling on the VAT treatment of on-line reservation services


  • Goods and Services Tax ("GST) updates

The Netherlands

  • AG conclusion: Possible changes regarding the place of supply of live webcam sessions
  • Amendment EU VAT Directive regarding the VAT treatment of vouchers
  • VAT exemption for portfolio management: Advocate-General of the Dutch Supreme Court issues conclusion on the meaning of "specific State supervision"
  • Dutch Supreme Court asks CJEU whether one or two VAT rates should apply to a single composite supply
  • CJEU provides guidance on recovery of VAT on "mixed-use" purchases


  • Russia reshapes the VAT landscape for Electronically Supplied Services: Impact of new rules on foreign businesses in B2B and B2C markets

United Kingdom

  • Brexit: What does it mean for UK VAT?


  • Narrowing VAT refund and increasing Special Consumption Tax cost under amended tax law

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