Branded Residences Developments in Asia - exploring the complex and potentially lucrative relationship between developers, residential owners and operators

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Last October in Hong Kong, this topic was featured at our Master Class presentation at Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific. We had a panel of senior industry experts and an audience of in excess of 250 enthusiastic attendees. Click here to view the presentation.

Branded residences are residential developments which are branded typically by an international hotel management company. In our experience branded residences usually form part of a mixed use development which also contains a hotel (operated by the same management company) as well as potentially other components such as retail and commercial. The mixed use development can take the form of a commercial tower or a hotel surrounded by branded residential villas.

In the intervening period since the Hong Kong conference we have continued to work on these developments all around the region. This product line has continued along its evolutionary path becoming more sophisticated and adapting to new markets and brand segments. Branded residences can be found in major urban centres as well as recreational destinations such a beach resorts and ski fields. The greatest concentration of branded residences is at the luxury/super luxury end of the market but increasingly the branding is moving down the star ratings.

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