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Thailand's Computer Crime Act B.E. 2550 (2007) came into effect in July 2007. Among other matters, it addresses computer related issues such as the illegal access to and interference with computer systems and data, the illegal disclosure of security measures, and the illegal interception of computer data.

In recent years, the government has pledged support for the promotion of Thailand's information technology and communications (ITC) sector, with a series of strategies aimed at developing related infrastructure, accelerating innovation, and transforming the country's economy into one that is based on digital technologies.

To facilitate these objectives, the country's Cabinet officially approved a project titled 'Digital Thailand', with an initial budget of some THB 3.7 billion, acknowledging that Thailand's industrial growth has passed three stages of economic evolution: Thailand 1.0 (an agricultural based economy), Thailand 2.0 (a light industry based economy), and Thailand 3.0 (a heavy industry based economy). “Digital Thailand” or “Thailand 4.0” aims to move Thailand's economy to the next level by facilitating the trade in goods and services through e-commerce.

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