April 2016

Global Sustainable Buildings Index

Up-to-date information on sustainable building in 25 countries

2015 was a momentous year for sustainable real estate. Some countries made impressive strides toward sustainability through certifications, CO2 reduction targets and market-led initiatives. A few others fell behind in scaling up best practices. To help you stay abreast of significant developments in the green buildings sphere, Baker McKenzie presents the second edition of the Global Sustainable Buildings Index. This detailed guide evaluates sustainable policies, schemes, trends and practices in 25 countries across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

Enriched, year-on-year analysis

New in this edition is a section on trends for each key area of sustainability, making it easier to see significant changes and track progress from the previous year. We have expanded our research to include Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Taiwan and Ukraine.

Leveraging on-the-ground knowledge of Firm professionals in 77 offices, we assess the current state of sustainability in each selected jurisdiction. Each chapter contains a heat map plotting each country's "greenness" in a specific category. We also compare the implementation and enforcement of green regulations, the availability of incentives and opportunities for sustainable projects, and the types of green lease clauses prevalent in the jurisdictions. Key areas covered include:

  • Green certification
  • Energy performance certificates and minimum energy standards
  • Incentives for green retrofit
  • C02 and energy targets
  • Renewable energy
  • Regulation
  • Financing
  • Planning
  • Green leases
  • Online tool

View the electronic version of the index, with the appendix of survey results.

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