The Global IP webinar series takes a close look at hot topics in the IP world, drilling down to give information on the important issues.

The Rising Importance of Trade Secrets in the Digital Age (26 June 2019)

Financial institutions are leading the way in adopting new technologies such as machine learning, AI and “big data.” These and other technologies now play an integral role in a range of operations, from portfolio management to fraud prevention, from executing trades to transforming the customer experience. While the potential is huge, risk management and protection of confidential data and proprietary technology has never been more important. Many financial institutions have only begun to address these increasingly complex yet fundamental imperatives.

In this webinar, we will discuss the organization, protection and enforcement of trade secrets on a multijurisdictional basis, focusing on recent developments in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Access webinar

Keeping Up With the Robots? IP rights in the world of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the lives of people worldwide, as well as the ways companies function, at an alarming pace. The adoption of AI is now recognized by many as essential to their competitive edge. But with AI advancements, many questions are being raised about AI’s future impact on Intellectual Property. On this webinar, we discuss: What is AI?; How will AI impact IP?; What about patentability and inventorship (i.e. are inventions by AI patentable?; Who should be the listed inventor?); How will AI affect other IP areas such as copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets?; What's on the horizon? Are there any country-specific developments or issues? Play here

Blockchain and IP: Emerging use case or "crypto pie in the sky'?

What is blockchain? Who owns blockchain? And what are possible applications in the world of IP? In this webinar, our IP/IT lawyers from Sydney, San Francisco, London and Dallas discuss this disruptive technology through an IP lens. Play webinar.

Spotlight on Trade Secrets in Healthcare (27 September 2017)

Did you know that 1/3 of healthcare companies have suffered from trade secrets theft? What are firms doing to protect their trade secrets and what is best practice? Join our IP/healthcare partners to find out what you can do to reduce the risk of trade secrets theft. Play webinar

TV Format Protection Around the Globe (28 June 2017)

What are TV formats and how are these protected? In this webinar, our panel speakers from Dallas, Hong Kong, Madrid, Manila, Moscow and Santiago discuss the legal landscape, relevant case laws and various protection strategies. Play webinar

The Fake Drug Industry: A Strategic View of Global Enforcement (3 May 2017)

In this webinar, speakers from the Intellectual Property and Healthcare groups discuss legal developments and enforcement mechanisms concerning counterfeit pharmaceuticals globally and in the EU, Mexico, US, and Asia. Play webinar

Behind the Label: IP Insights and Trends in Luxury & Fashion (29 March 2017)

In this webinar, our lawyers from Barcelona, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Mexico City, and New York discuss the latest on IP trends in the Luxury & Fashion space. Topics cover retail and distribution, online infringement and social media, market trends and upcoming changes. Play webinar

Trade Secrets in the US and EU: New Laws & Key Actions (6 October 2016)

Trade Secrets - and the protection thereof - are increasingly becoming a key concern of our clients. In this webinar, our EU and US lawyers talk about the latest legal developments in this space. Play webinar

Avoiding Pay Slips: The How To’s on Employee Creations Remunerations (September 2016)

In this webinar, Baker McKenzie IP partners provide quick updates on key issues, considerations, things to avoid and emerging best practices in the area of remuneration. Play webinar

The European Trade Mark Reform: Beyond the Headlines (May 2016)

In this webinar, our panel discuss changes introduced to secure trademark protection since the EU Trademark Reform came into force on 26 March 2016. The Global IP group elaborates on these changes, which will have a direct effect on EU trade mark applications and clients’ clearance and filing strategies. This webinar aims to take a deep dive into the significant amendments that every trademark owner needs to know. Play webinar

Promote and Protect: IP and Advertising in the Fashion and Luxury Space (April 2016)

In this webinar, our panel speakers discuss how social media has changed the way fashion and luxury brands promote their products, the various trends which dominate the market and ways that clients can mitigate IP-related risks, particularly in the realm of digital advertising. Play webinar

Intellectual Property Considerations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (February 2016)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a trade agreement among twelve Pacific Rim countries that will have significant impact on intellectual property. In this webinar, our panel speakers discuss some of the more notable provisions. Play webinar

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