Our IP webinars take a close look at hot topics in the IP world, drilling down to the most important issues that impact your business.

IP, Tech and Supply Trends in Agriculture: Intellectual Property Tools for Agriculture (Part 2)

In the second and final part of this webinar series, Helen Macpherson, Anne Peterd and Alanna Rennie discuss intellectual property licensing; supply chain disruption, trends and risk management; and digitization and supply chains.

IP, Tech and Supply Trends in Agriculture: Intellectual Property Tools for Agriculture (Part 1)

The performance of the agricultural sector is key to Australia’s economic success. The success of the agricultural sector is in turn being driven by innovation and the uptake of tech, while on the other hand being challenged by pressures placed on the integrity and reliability of its supply chains. In this two-part legal webinar series, Baker McKenzie lawyers will explore key IP, tech and supply trends in the agricultural sector. In the first webinar, we explore the suite of intellectual property rights available to protect innovation and brands, covering agritech, agri practices and breeding innovation.

Trademark Trends

An update on developments in copy-cat infringement including: the Hendrick's Gin case in Scotland and the press frenzy around Marks & Spencer's Colin the Caterpillar which sparked the general public's interest; sustainability and how recent UK filings have shot up in this space, along with developing case law around sustainable brand owners; and case law updates for the most important recent decisions which brand owners should be aware of and their potential implications. We also cover the ongoing implications of Brexit and the evolving nature of how the UK and EU are treating trademarks, reputation, use and exhaustion. Part of London IP Week 2022.

Assessment of Financial Remedies in UK Intellectual Property Litigation

The split trials common in UK IP litigation make it all too easy to forget about remedies (including damages / an account of profits) when engaged in IP infringement disputes. In this session, we discuss lessons learned from recent patents, design rights and trade secrets judgments, as well as our team's own experience advising on and conducting damages proceedings, to highlight the key legal principles and importantly, procedural practicalities. Part of London IP Week 2022.

Litigating UK Patents - Interfacing with Europe

In this session, we will discuss strategies to successfully manage - and leverage - the overlapping jurisdictions of the European Patent Office and the UK courts when litigating the UK designations of European patents, including: the risks and effects of inconsistent decisions on validity; the current position on stays of UK proceedings; and considerations when looking to amend or limit a patent. Additionally with the Unified Patent Court expected to open its doors in the coming year or two (but without the UK as a participant), we consider the possible implications of the UPC for UK patent strategies. Part of London IP Week 2022.

Copyright: Case Law Update and the Latest on CRD Implementation and Strategies

Get up to speed with the latest UK and CJEU copyright cases that might impact your business. In this session, we put a particular lens on the current implementation status of the EU Copyright Directive and the issues that are impacting both rightsholders and platforms. Part of London IP Week 2022.


Australian Patent Box Policy and Implications for Medical and Biotech Investors

Experts from Austrade, Baker McKenzie and IQVIA discuss the Patent Box scheme, an Australian Government initiative designed to encourage investment in medical and biotechnology innovation. Read the Feb 2022 update.

Litigating Designs: All You Need to Know

Design rights, whether registered or unregistered, can often be a valuable cause of action when challenging the use of identical or similar features in products by competitors or counterfeiters. As there is little global harmonization of design rights, we offer four webinars focused on four different regions to address local and regional regimes and nuances. This webinar series explores issues to be considered to protect designs, design coverage of competitors, precautionary measures, means of defense and alternatives, market surveys and expert reports in North America, Latin America, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

Patent Litigation Strategies in the Digital Technology Era

Our global team of patent experts explore complex multijurisdictional issues and legal questions when allegations of patent infringement are raised in respect of the provision and accessing of digital technologies in a two-part series of webinars, bringing to bear their deep knowledge of their countries' patent laws and their experience of collaborating with their global colleagues on complex multijurisdictional patent cases.

Asia Pacific Focus: Protecting Trade Secrets in the Time of Covid

As the pandemic continues to affect economic and legal landscapes across Asia, businesses are challenged to adapt and address the unique complexities of these times. While many companies have seamlessly (and successfully) transitioned to a remote working setup, a few are facing tough choices ahead — including layoffs and personnel changes —  in order to retain their businesses.

In this webinar, our speakers identified key high-risk areas amid operational changes resulting from the ongoing pandemic, particularly in the protection of valued company information.

North America Trade Secrets Webinar and Video Chat Series

Listen to video discussions and webinars on trade secrets and access related thought leadership. Our attorneys cover hot topics, trends and legal developments in the trade secrets area, both from a domestic and international perspective, addressing issues and offering practical tips and best practices that will help you identify, protect, prosecute and defend your trade secrets.

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