ASEAN economies have been at the forefront of the emerging markets success story over the past two decades

Taken as a whole, ASEAN will be the world’s third fastest growing large economy in 2016. But as the Chinese economy slows and restructures, ASEAN economies will need to make the next leap forward. Mega-regional initiatives will provide the push.

As Asia’s mega-regional trade and investment initiatives unfold, they create and deepen channels of connectivity in ASEAN and beyond. Greater connectivity in turn creates tremendous opportunities for business, and companies need to start preparing for this enhanced yet more competitive environment now.

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What does the report look at?

The report, produced by Economist Corporate Network, explores how mega trade initiatives in Asia Pacific, including China’s One Belt, One Road, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and the ASEAN Economic Community, will affect business strategy for companies operating in ASEAN and across the region. Among the questions answered are:

  • How business leaders perceive these initiatives?
  • What effects will these initiatives have on business and strategy?
  • How are companies are preparing for the opportunities that these initiatives present?
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