The more common the understanding of imminent climate risk is, the more investors embrace investment strategies that seek to achieve net zero, circularity, energy transition and other changes advancing 2050 goals, alongside financial returns, such as ESG-driven M&A and impact investing. Regulations and government policies help to scale up the impact investing trend, and with capital markets and big PE players lining up to adapt, the odds of reaching the net zero targets look brighter. Yet, many challenges remain: fragmented regulations, an abundance of reporting standards, and discussions around measuring impact vs. financial returns.

During this webinar, our speakers will be discussing:

  • EU regulations aimed at reaching the 2050 agenda relevant for transactions with ESG/ impact nexus;
  • EU reporting framework, including art. 9 SFRD parameters for the impact PE funds;
  • selected case studies of impact investing deals;
  • returns on investments with ESG or impact nexus; and
  • challenges around impact reporting.

This webinar is part of our ESG-focused thought leadership webinars series which shares insights and practical guidance for businesses considering what ESG means for them.