12 January 2021

13 January 2021


Session 1: Evolution and 2021 Outlook of the Global Corporate PPA Market
45 minutes

As corporates continue to be challenged, to develop and deliver on sustainability goals, and seek to hedge electricity prices in an extraordinarily volatile market, global corporate PPA volumes continue to soar despite the economic fallout caused by COVID-19.

With the global market for corporate PPAs rapidly evolving and becoming more complex, both existing and new buyers have sought to come to grips with the range of new deal and buyer structures, regulatory complications, cross-border issues and shifts in risk profile.

Session 1 of this series will provide an overview of corporate PPA trends, structures and risk issues from a truly global perspective. This session is perfect for new market participants and those wanting to understand where the market is heading in 2021. Topics will include:

  • How corporates are leveraging the corporate renewable PPA market to achieve their green/sustainability goals.
  • How the global market fared in 2020 and where it appears to be going in 2021.
  • How deal structures, pricing and risk allocation are changing in the low energy price/COVID-19 environment.


2 February 2021

3 February 2021


Session 2: Corporate PPA Structures and Regulatory Issues
45 minutes

Session 2 will provide a more detailed discussion on new deal and buyer structures and how they are adapting to rapid shifts in global regulation. Topics will include:

  • How deal structures evolved during 2020 and are expected to change in 2021.
  • How global economic conditions and volatile energy prices have led to change in buyer structures.
  • How increasingly complex financial models can create challenges for regulatory compliance.
  • Other regulatory issues in the main corporate PPA markets including cross-border issues.

23 February 2021
3:00 pm GMT
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24 February 2021
10:00 am GMT+8
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Session 3: Corporate PPA Pricing and Risk Allocation
45 minutes

Session 3 will provide a more detailed discussion on pricing issues and how risk allocation has been changing given global economic conditions. Topics will include:

  • A focus on key pricing issues for new and existing buyers.
  • Key differences in pricing approaches in the main corporate PPA markets.
  • Hot issues in risk allocation for 2021 deals.


16 March 2021
3:00 pm GMT
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17 March 2021
10:00 am GMT+8
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Session 4: A Global Buyer's Guide to Corporate PPAs in Emerging Markets
45 minutes

Session 4 will focus on issues arising out of corporate PPA deals in less developed markets. Topics will include:

  • Approaches to finding the right seller
  • Deal structures, common regulatory barriers and risk allocation from an emerging markets perspective.
  • A snapshot of the corporate PPA market in several select markets of interest for 2021

For more information, please contact Joanna Hanvey and Abigail Villarta.            

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