Xchange for Change 

Join us on Thursday, December 10, for our second virtual event for the LGBTQ+ Youth Xchange For Change, "Xchange for Change Xperience - LGBTQ+ Youth in Foster Care Visible and Demanding Change!"

LGBTQ+ youth are overrepresented in foster care compared to their non-LGBTQ+ peers and experience higher rates of psychiatric hospitalizations, juvenile justice involvement, placement in group homes and homelessness. These disparities hit LGBTQ+ youth of color particularly hard, given that youth of color and from low-income families are driven into the system at disproportionately high rates due to systemic racism and other societal disparities. Youth in care not only face challenges to their safety and well-being, but ongoing threats to their legal rights.

Hear from LGBTQ+ youth who are system experts lead a discussion on how to disrupt the system and support youth. Join us to learn more, hear about examples of positive change, and help create even more solutions!

Interested in learning more? Reach out to Pro Bono.