The competition law landscape has undergone unprecedented developments in the Asia Pacific region over the past decade. With most jurisdictions now having sector-wide laws in force, competition law is now a priority compliance area for all businesses with operations in the region.

Competition law and policy fundamentally impacts on many essential business practices and functions, regardless of industry. This includes day to day operations as well as core commercial strategies - from pricing, distribution and supply chain management to industry collaborations and deal-making.

Our lawyers will provide a practical hands-on guide to navigating an increasingly complex operating environment, in a series of live and on-demand formats. Our Essentials program will cover how to spot the key competition law risks from a multi-jurisdictional perspective, with on-the-ground insights from our teams across Asia Pacific.

To join or listen to our sessions, click the buttons below. For questions regarding the program, please contact Tessa Gromia.

Competition Essentials

Recording Merger Control: a primer for managing your business strategies
July 6 | 2:30 pm - 3:30pm HK/SG time
Speakers: Stephen Crosswell, Georgina Foster, Laura Liu, Tom Jenkins
Connected compliance: optimising your competition compliance program
August 26 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm HK/SG time
Speakers: Donald Pan, Christine Cuthbert, Lydia Kong, Michio Suzuki

Distribution Do's and Don'ts - Competition law & supply chain issues
September 24 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm HK/SG time
Speakers: Helen Joyce, Laura Liu, Tom Jenkins, Harikumar Pillay, Fang-Yi Jen


Competition investigations: Strategies and Risk Management
October 29 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm HK/SG time
Speakers: Georgina Foster, Stephen Crosswell, Junya Ae, Sonya Hsu, Harikumar Pillay


ASEAN merger control: key updates and developments
Coming soon

Competition Deep Dives


Merger control in Malaysia: implications and lessons from other jurisdictions
July 14 | 10:00 am - 11:30 am HK/SG time
Speakers: Andre Gan, Harikumar Pillay, Tom Jenkins, Lydia Kong


Thailand Competition Hot Issues #1:
Unfair Trade Practices
Language: Thai (with English subtitles)
Speakers: Pornapa Luengwattanakit, Ampika Kumar, Narumol Chinawong Teo


Thailand Competition Hot Issues #2:
Merger Control (Part 1)
October 6 | 10:00 am — 11:15 am BKK time
Language: Thai
Guest speaker: Dr. Sakon Varanyuwattana, Chairman of the Trade Competition Commission (OTCC)
Speakers: Pornapa Luengwattanakit, Ampika Kumar


PRC antitrust litigation and investigation
Coming soon

China merger control: First three years of SAMR
Coming soon

Competing in the new digital landscape
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Navigating Vietnam’s new competition regime
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