The Home Office Capital Markets Series for Finance Professionals - Improve your knowledge while your physical reach is limited

Date & Time

March - May 2020

Many if not most of us are forced into home office at least for some time. We do not know when the current limitations will end. When your physical reach is limited, one of the best things you can do is prepare yourself for the time to come when you can have full impact again. That is why we offer you this capital markets series with selected topics. It is designed primarily for investment bankers, financial advisors and finance professionals in listed companies, but may also be fruitful for new joiners in a legal department to broaden their knowledge and get new ideas.

Date, Time Topic Speakers
27 March 2020, 3 pm CET Tokenization - What Happens when Serious Players Start to Act: the Example of Brickmark Yves Mauchle
Matthias Courvoisier
3 April 2020, 3 pm CET Swiss Exceptions from the Prospectus Requirement, Content Exceptions and Information Obligations in Case of Prospectus Exceptions Matthias Courvoisier
Yves Mauchle
9 April 2020, 3 pm CET Prospectus Amendments under the New Swiss Rules Matthias Courvoisier
Philip Spoerlé
17 April 2020, 3 pm CET Key Aspects of High Yield Bonds Adam Farlow
Yves Mauchle
24 April 2020, 3 pm CET The New Swiss Approval Process and its Implication on Timing for IPOs and Rights Issues Philip Spoerlé
Yves Mauchle
30 April 2020, 3 pm CET How to Deal with Shareholders in IPOs, Rights Issues, and Public Takeovers Matthias Courvoisier
Adam Farlow
8 May 2020, 3 pm CET Key Aspects of Convertible Bonds - How to Structure a Lending Facility under Swiss Corporate law Michael Doran
Philip Spoerlé
15 May 2020, 3 pm CET Dual Track Matthias Courvoisier
Philip Spoerlé
22 May 2020, 3 pm CET US Aspects of Equity Offerings Explained Adam Farlow

During the session, you have the possibility to ask questions through the chat function which will be answered by our team. The seminar will be held through BlueJeans. After your registration you will receive an e-mail with the link to BlueJeans. You may register for one, several or all the sessions. Number of participants is limited to 100. Registrations will be processed in order of receipt.