Current state of play and critical issues to address in 2019

2019 is a critical year for the shape of the international tax system as it attempts to reform itself to apply effectively to both digital and "brick and mortar" businesses. With the expectation that a proposal will be agreed at the Osaka G20 summit in June, the next six months will be critical in determining the shape of and momentum behind such reforms.

Achieving such consensus has thus far eluded international tax policymakers, with rival approaches coming from the European Commission and through unilateral measures. One of the most notable of these has been the UK digital services tax (DST), a "backstop" measure that looms if a consensus decision cannot be reached.

This webinar will survey the current state of play on digital economy reform, including:

  • reviewing the current position of the OECD on digital economy reform, the proposed measures that may materialise and the impact that new players to the OECD decision making process, such as China and India, may have on driving a consensus solution;
  • a detailed discussion on the proposed UK DST and what it means for businesses with UK users;
  • an examination of the other unilateral measures that are being proposed elsewhere and a comparison with the UK DST proposal; and
  • a discussion on the impacts that the proliferation of unilateral measures may have if international consensus cannot be reached.

The webinar will be delivered by members of our tax team based in our London, Singapore and Washington offices. We do hope you can join us.

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