Global Equity Matrix 2019
This mobile app provides information on the key compliance issues for employee share and cash awards, covering tax and securities, exchange control, labor and data privacy issues in 50 countries.
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As leaders in the field, we design, implement, and maintain global equity-based compensation plans for multinational issuers that maximize tax benefits while satisfying local securities, labor, exchange controls and data privacy laws in applicable jurisdictions. Our expertise includes drafting plan and grant documents, advising on the benefits of adopting locally qualified plans, preparing country-specific tax and securities filings, tailoring employee communications, and providing overall project management.

Our lawyers also advise clients on the global ramifications of re-pricing options and the impact of mergers, acquisitions and spinoffs on global equity plans. We work with brokers and dealers that service stock option and stock purchase plans to determine whether they are subject to registration regulations, and advise financial services institutions on the implications of expanding their institutional funds and broker/dealer activities globally.