The Service Owner, Knowledge Content Management Services will be an owner and business lead for all the Knowledge content management services, and their design, adoption, performance and continuous improvement, acting as the 'face' of the services at all levels of the organisation. Work closely with the relevant Knowledge Operations specialists, the role-holder is accountable for the service design, monitoring and managing the performance, quality and all operational aspects of the services. The role-holder will also manage all the Center teams providing the content management services globally.


Service Orientation

  • Front and represent the service at all levels of the organisation, in project teams, transition teams and at leadership level, acting as the 'face' of the service firm wide, leading on adoption.
  • Work closely with the Manager for Knowledge Content Management, other Knowledge Operations specialists, Knowledge Directors, Knowledge Lawyers and Technology teams to define and implement the content management services, ensuring alignment with the Firm and Knowledge strategies so that content management services continue to evolve, meet the needs of stakeholders and add clear value to the business.
  • Work closely with the Senior Manager for Knowledge Centres and Services and relevant Knowledge Operations specialists to design and sign off on all the content management service materials. Define KPIs and SLAs and other service metrics, monitor and manage the performance and quality of the services and manage all operational aspects of the services.
  • Work closely with the Senior Manager for Knowledge Centers and Services and other Knowledge Service Owners to ensure a seamless and consistent approach to high quality technical output, customer service and operational management of the services.
  • Engage with internal and external clients and key stakeholders to proactively capture the 'voice of the customer', manage feedback requests, understand and capture business requirements and identify continuous improvement opportunities for the services and implement improvements.
  • Work closely with In-Market Knowledge teams to ensure they leverage and adopt the services appropriately, helping manage demand using appropriate change management strategies.
  • Lead content management service design and improvement projects and support and participate in appropriate other global Knowledge projects.
  • Contribute substantively by managing content and leading Knowledge projects as required.

People Management

  • Lead and manage the Center Content Management teams, monitoring their progress, quality of output and delivery of service. Monitor and manage the Knowledge content management teams' capacity and pipeline of work and identify resourcing issues.
  • Ensure the Center Content Management teams are high performing and agile teams, capable of meeting the various and changing demands of the business and markets as well as adapting to the impact of technology on law firms and legal content management and delivery.
  • Ensure there is appropriate development and training in place for the Center Content Management teams both in respect of the services, general skills and any specialist and/or subject matter expertise training and support required.
  • As a manager in a Centre support other line management needs of the Knowledge teams as required.

Knowledge & Expertise

  • Maintain and continually develop subject matter expertise with high levels of practical customer engagement and customer service delivery, be actively aware of developments internally and within the market on Knowledge content management services, new practices and approaches, actioning any relevant implications and maintaining an active network of Service Owners in and outside the Function.
  • Understand and document the complex and evolving business requirements for content management services of attorneys and Knowledge professionals across the Baker McKenzie network.
  • Be known in the Firm as the business lead and go to person for the resolution of issues and business solutions for content management services, including services teams, processes and solutions.

Operational efficiencies, quality and risk mitigation

  • Manage service related issues and customer feedback to maintain quality assurance and minimise business impact and risk, escalating any challenges in a timely manner where appropriate.
  • Oversee and ensure internal and external communications regarding content management services and ensure the development of training content relating to the provision and use of content management services.
  • Define processes, policies, best practice and guidance for content management services, analysing best practice compliance and adoption on a regular basis through robust audit and reporting processes, identifying underlying trends, gaps and opportunities for improving the services and service adoption and presenting these to key stakeholders.
  • Work with In-Market and Technology teams to manage service related support, training, feedback and inquiries from customers, troubleshooting and delivering continual services improvements and upgrades to content management services and tools, including  workflow tools, reporting dashboards and use of ServiceNow for content management services.