The Conflicts Management Team Lead will assist the NBI team with technical queries relating to identifying and analyzing possible conflicts of interest for new business. The role holder will, monitor the Conflict Management Request queue volumes and collaborate with team members to ensure SLA for Conflicts Management is maintained and exceptional service is provided. 

The role holder should also contribute towards HR administrative tasks, the team's performance, planning and management, employee morale, learning, and professional development, as well as leading team meetings and providing necessary support to management.



  • Assisting the team and management in responding to technical queries relating to identifying and analyzing possible conflicts of interest for new business
  • Conflicts Management Request queue management, including adherence to SLA
  • Manage work tasks to ensure deadlines are met while exceptional service is provided
  • Support team management, as required
  • Collaborate and work closely with the functional Conflicts Management lead and other Conflict Management Team Leads globally to build out the service offering and deliver a positive and successful team
  • Liaise with Managers, internal stakeholders, and team members across PBS in Manila, Belfast, Tampa, and Buenos Aires
  • Develop and support LSS initiatives
  • Manage and lead team meetings to ensure team objectives are successfully achieved
  • Contribute to the development of the strategy to ensure high team morale and team building
  • Administer holiday, sick leave, and other time-off requests of a dedicated team, inclusive of internal approvals, record keeping, and data entry in respect of local/Global systems
  • Review and monitor the progress of employee performance goals per team member, and associated liaison with management, inclusive of record-keeping and data entry in local/Global systems
  • Manage performance evaluations (mid-year and annual), inclusive of required liaison work with relevant senior departmental and management personnel, inclusive of record keeping/data entry in local/Global system


Skills and Experience:

  • Relevant undergraduate degree
  • Previous conflicts of interest experience in a legal or professional services environment
  • Supervisory experience with the oversight of staff
  • High-level familiarity with the range of roles and responsibilities in respect of each dedicated team member in order to support senior management oversight and performance metrics of each team member
  • Exceptional problem solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills resulting in the identification of necessary process improvements
  • Excellent time management, organizational, and administrative skills, a capacity to multi-task and work well under pressure, with an ability to manage all other responsibilities the relevant candidate will have as a member of the NBI team
  • Have a pragmatic approach and even temperament
  • Have the ability to focus on the goal, i.e. overseeing an efficient, productive, and cooperative team, while maintaining a balance between having a good relationship with team members and the distance required to conduct reviews and handle problematic situations within the team