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Combining the knowledge of local laws and cultures with a global reach is just one of the ways Baker & McKenzie separates itself from other firms. Our genuinely global perspective allows us to operate without boundaries around the world, in every jurisdiction that is important to your business.

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LawInContext Pte. Ltd.

LawInContext Pte. Ltd. ("LawInContext") is the online legal information and training venture created by Baker & McKenzie. While neither a law firm nor authorized to practice law, LawInContext provides a suite of online knowledge and training resources for select communities of clients in support of their strategic legal information and compliance training needs.

LawInContext's online resources are authored by Baker & McKenzie attorneys and contributing firms across the world. LawInContext clients subscribe to the online resources, which supports them in their daily business while allowing for a better attribution of budgets for high value legal advisory services, which is the natural extension of the LawInContext offering.



LawInContext provides a cost-effective, innovative way to have timely and comprehensive legal, tax and compliance information as well as training at your fingertips. It offers global coverage in a convenient online format – through online multi-country resources, e-learning, as well as customized live training in support of strategic legal information and compliance training needs.

LawInContext resources are offered through subscription packages tailored to your information needs, and depending on the purpose, two content delivery methods are used, namely multi-county knowledge resources and e-learning:


LawInContext Multi-Country Knowledge Resources

Private Banking

The Private Banking resource serves as a practical tool for private bankers and wealth management professionals to optimize excellence in client onboarding / relationship management in respect of cross-border investment and international succession planning. It also serves as a strategic training tool for wealth managers.

Financial Products

The Financial Products Distribution Resource provides to financial institutions a comprehensive and practical compliance tool, allowing financial institutions to navigate the increasing regulation of cross-border retail financial services activities.

Global Equity

The Global Equity resource is designed for share plan management teams, which tracks, country-by-country, comprehensive information on tax, legal and compliance issues associated with three types of share plans in 53 countries around the world, with more than 10 new countries in development based on client feedback.

Value Added Taxation
& Invoicing Requirements

The Value Added Tax & Invoicing Requirements resource is a comprehensive reference tool for buyers and sellers of goods and services subject to VAT and other indirect taxes. The resource comprised information on data requirements to invoicing under tax systems in more than 60 countries as well as quick reference charts.

Global Institutional Investor
(Under Restructuring)

The Global Institutional Investor resource provides investment managers, hedge fund investors and administrators, trustees, compliance personnel, central government investment authorities and other large global investors with online access to a cost-effective, timely and comprehensive database featuring a country-by-country review of the tax and legal rules and regulations of relevance to global institutional investors in various jurisdictions around the world.

EU Savings Directive
+ Amendments

The EU Savings Directive and additional Directive Amendments E-learning Programs provide to wealth management institutions the essential training and strategic insight necessary for compliant planning and operations, in line with the current directive as well as the pending Amendments to the directive (full program in development).

(Under Restructuring)

The Borderwatch resource is a precedence database which simplifies multi-country protection and enforcement issues by providing online, country-by-country information on how to effectively use customs procedures and remedies to help protect a company's intellectual property.

US Qualified

The Qualified Intermediary resource allows users to learn about the US withholding tax and information reporting rules that apply to Qualified Intermediaries (QIs).

Software Tax

The Software Tax Characterization resource helps track tax rules that apply to companies supplying software products to users around the world. It deals particularly with the withholding tax obligations for different transaction models and examines the impact of bilateral tax treaties on the same.


A Comprehensive Corporate Compliance E-learning Suite

One common theme echoed by enforcement agencies throughout the world is that robust training is an essential component of a company’s corporate compliance program. Therefore, LawInContext has designed a suite of comprehensive compliance e-learning programs, which supports multinationals in their efforts to consistently train employees and measure compliance efforts on an international scale.

More than a series of “awareness” training modules, these customizable e-learning programs provide to global companies and their employees a consistent, dependable and comprehensive suite of online compliance training programs that go beyond what is currently offered on the market today.

An integrated part of the e-learning modules is the e-testing facility, allowing for direct and efficient measurement of learning and training progress within a subscribing organization. LawInContext also offers invitation and reminder management, as well as comprehensive usage reporting services, for larger learning populations.


Compliance E-learning Program Overview

Global Code of Conduct

The Global Code of Conduct E-learning Program provides to global companies and their employees a consistent, dependable and comprehensive Code of Conduct compliance training program, which is currently available in 4 languages.

Global Competition
& Antitrust Law

Currently available in 15 languages, this program covers global, regional and local competition and antitrust laws; users can select from 6 different industry sectors for more tailored content with additional industry coverage available on request.

Global Anti-Corruption
/ Anti-Bribery

This program covers a broad range of anti-corruption and anti-bribery issues from global, regional and local perspectives, and is currently available in 7 languages.

Export Controls
& Sanctions

This program helps companies navigate the increasingly complex framework of export controls and sanctions, including those having extraterritorial application, and understand the varying effects of these restrictions on particular transactions. Available in English with 3 more languages coming.

VAT Compliance
in the EU

This program covers a broad range of VAT issues for the European Union (EU), with additional regional and country coverage to be expanded based on client interest.

Cross-Border Conduct

This program is targeted to financial institutions to ensure that key personnel understand critical regulatory considerations and do’s and don’ts to their cross-border retail distribution activities where financial products and services are concerned.

Global Anti-Money
Laundering and Counter
Terrorist Financing
(In Development)

This program is in development and will cover key anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing issues from global, regional and local perspectives.

Global Insider Trading
(In Development)

This program is in development and will cover the key issues in relation to insider trading, with a focus on US law, in an effort to help individuals and corporations steer clear of penalties and reputational damage in the current environment of active enforcement.

(In Development)

This training is in development and will cover the types of intellectual property (IP) most relevant in today’s world, including how IP rights can be protected from infringement and the issues to be addressed when managing IP, whether on local, regional or global levels.

Global Data Privacy
/ Data Protection
(In Development)

This program is in development and will cover a range of data privacy and data protection issues from global, regional and local perspectives.


Not what you were looking for?

LawInContext develops new knowledge and training resources based on the identified legal information and training needs of specific communities of users. In this way, LawInContext is able to provide timely legal information and training to subscribing institutions on a very cost-effective basis. If you have a legal information and / or training need, we will be pleased to explore with you new product development.


Contact LawInContext

For more information about the online LawInContext multi-country knowledge resources and the suite of compliance e-learning programs, please consult

In order to get access or to arrange a free trial for our online resources, please e-mail   or call us on +41 (0)44 384 1379.

For further information, please contact:
Chief Executive Officer, LawInContext Pte. Ltd.
+41 44 384 1408
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