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Combining the knowledge of local laws and cultures with a global reach is just one of the ways Baker & McKenzie separates itself from other firms. Our genuinely global perspective allows us to operate without boundaries around the world, in every jurisdiction that is important to your business.

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LawInContext Pte. Ltd.

LawInContext Pte. Ltd. ("LawInContext") is the legal information and training venture created by Baker & McKenzie.  While neither a law firm nor authorized to practice law, LawInContext provides online multi-jurisdictional legal, tax or compliance information (as opposed to legal advice) and/or online/live training from a multi-jurisdictional perspective oriented towards specific communities of clients who require access to up-to-date, tailored, high quality legal information and training from a global perspective in various areas of the law. 

LawInContext, working with Baker & McKenzie’s practice and industry groups, achieves numerous efficiencies, which translate into cost-savings for clients, by offering its legal information and training via an online subscription service, which can be linked to concrete and specific legal advice from the Firm.  A particular area of focus for LawInContext is where clients require global survey work that involves continual updating – an area that impacts on legal budgets, which can be difficult to manage in view of a company's global legal, tax and regulatory information needs. LawInContext seeks opportunities to develop online multi-country jurisdictional legal information and training that is kept up-to-date on a periodic basis, made available online seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, and supplemented by subscriber e-alerts apprising users of key developments.  By making its online legal information and training available to multiple users, LawInContext is able to dramatically reduce the costs associated with accessing the relevant multi-jurisdictional legal information or training.  When such information and training is seamlessly combined with the delivery of focused legal and tax advice, companies can achieve meaningful cost savings while managing their growing compliance and other risks in the various jurisdictions of relevance to them.

LawInContext provides a cost-effective, innovative way to have timely and comprehensive legal, tax and compliance information as well as training at your fingertips. It offers global coverage in a convenient online format – through content library “Helpdesks”, e-learning and live training, as well as private web sites – targeted to specific topics.

LawInContext Helpdesks and training modules are offered through subscription packages tailored to your information needs. Over 120 institutions and many thousands of users rely on LawInContext Helpdesks and training modules. LawInContext was “highly commended” by the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers 2007 in the client service category. 

Read more about a Helpdesk or training module by clicking on any of the links in the table below. 


Online Training Modules

New products and training tools are developed based on needs identified by Baker & McKenzie clients and lawyers. If you have a need that is currently not covered by one of the legal, tax and/or regulatory products or training tools set forth above, please contact us.



For more information, please visit the LawInContext website or send us an .



Online Resources

Global Antitrust & Competition
Global Employment
Global Trade & Commerce

  • Privacy & Data protection
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Customs
  • Export Controls, Sanctions & Embargos
  • Product Liability & Recalls

Competition & Compliance - Online and Live Training

Global Employment

  • Employee Compensation & Benefits
  • Global Equity Services

Global Equity Database: Online Legal, Tax & Compliance Information for Employee Share Plans

Global Intellectual Property

  • Anti-piracy & Anti-counterfeiting

Intellectual Property Protection - Online Global Customs Recordation Information and Training

Global Tax

  • General Tax Planning
  • VAT and Indirect Tax 

Global Tax & VAT: Online Legal, Tax & Compliance Information and Training

Global Life Insurance
Global Tax

  • Wealth Management

Online Legal, Tax & Compliance Information and Training for Private Banks, Trust & Insurance Companies

Global Automotive
Global Energy, Mining and Infrastructure
Global IT/Communications
Global Pharma & Healthcare

Competition & Compliance – Online and Live Training

Global Tax & VAT: Online Legal, Tax & Compliance Information and Training

Global Banking & Finance
Global Private Equity
Global Securities

Online Legal, Tax & Compliance Information and Training for Global Investors and Financial Service Companies


























LawInContext Pte. Ltd. (“LawInContext”) was created by the global law firm Baker & McKenzie and provides cost-effective access to online legal information and training tailored to select communities of clients.  LawInContext is neither a law firm nor authorized to practice law.  No attorney-client relationship will be formed or deemed to be formed with Baker & McKenzie or contributing law firms through the use of LawInContext’s legal information, knowledge management, and training services.  This may, in some jurisdictions, be considered “Attorney Advertising” for Baker & McKenzie and other contributing firms.  A full disclaimer is available at







For further information, please contact:
Chief Executive Officer, LawInContext Pte. Ltd.
+41 44 384 1408
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