LawInContext Pte. Ltd. is the online legal information and training venture of Baker McKenzie, providing a suite of online knowledge and training resources to support the strategic legal information and compliance training needs of sustainable enterprises in an increasingly regulated world.


How it works

Our resources are designed for specific customer segments with reflection to their respective practical business needs and associated compliance considerations. As such, the resources support intelligent institutional decision making, thereby minimizing risk and optimized attribution of legal budgets for high value legal advisory services.

Through direct access to LawInContext, essential time is saved and better foundations are built for strategic decision making, including conversion of legal and compliance risks into business opportunities. Individuals and groups within a subscribing organization are also more optimally positioned to provide better adapted solutions to clients through a better understanding of the challenges, risks and regulations in relevant markets.

LawInContext's online resources are authored by Baker McKenzie lawyers and select firms across the world, to deliver high quality and relevant content.

What we offer

Resources are offered through tailored subscription packages.  We use multi-country knowledge resources and e-learning to deliver content on the following topics:

For more information please visit the LawInContext website.