EMEA Corporate Liability Handbook 2016

What is the nature of corporate liability? What are the potential sanctions? Can businesses benefit from exemption and mitigation factors? What are the risks for directors and managers, and for the parent company?

The EMEA Corporate Liability handbook, which covers 23 jurisdictions, answers these questions, providing an insight into why and how these issues may be addressed.

Each country chapter of the Handbook covers:

  • Corporate liability deriving from criminal activity

  • Applicable sanctions

  • Measures and models of prevention and effects of the same on corporate liability and applicable sanctions

  • Judicial proceedings to determine corporate liability

  • Corporate liability in multinational groups

  • Significant case law concerning liability arising from crimes and draft laws under discussion

To see how EMEA jurisdiction rank in terms of clarity and predictability of corporate liability regimes, please view our heat map.

To obtain Baker McKenzie's EMEA Corporate Liability Handbook, please email Jean Joan Romero-Montecillo and Sebastien Guelet.

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