Presentations by Members of the Baker & McKenzie Automotive Industry Focus Group To the Legal Issues Council of the Original Equipment Suppliers Association.

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ModeratorJohn McLees (Chicago)
Manuel Padron (Juarez)
Michael Stoker (Chicago)

Product Liability and Product Recall in the Automotive Sector

  • Global Auto Product Recall Trends and Procedures
  • Product Safety Rules
  • Product Liability Rules and Exposures in the EU, Russia, Latin America and China

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ModeratorErin Maus (Chicago)
Kate Corby (London)
Ulrich Ellinghaus (Frankfurt)
Caroline Goncalves, Trench, Rossi e Watanabe*, (Sao Paulo)
Alejandro Perez-Serrano (Mexico City)

Anti-Corruption Measures in the EU, Russia, Brazil, China and Mexico

  • Developments and Enforcement Trends in the EU and Russia
  • New Focus on Corruption in Mexico
  • Brazil: FIFA, the "Car Wash" and More
  • China: Cracking Down from Top to Bottom

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ModeratorJonathan Nelms (Washington, DC)
Jonathan Adams (Mexico City)
Tristan Grimmer  (London)
Simon Hui  (Shanghai)
Bruno Maeda, Trench, Rossi e Watanabe*, (Sao Paulo)

Top Global Antitrust Issues Facing the Automotive Sector

  • Cartel Enforcement in the Auto Parts Sector
  • Information Exchange
  • Damage Litigation in the EU
  • Comparison of Rules for the After Market and Parts Distribution

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ModeratorWerner Berg (Brussels)
Gerardo Calderon (Mexico City)

Trade Compliance in Europe, Mexico and Brazil

  • EU and US SanctionsTargets
  • Russia Sanctions
  • Iran and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action
  • New Compliance Requirements and Exposures for Mexico’s Maquiladora Industry

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ModeratorManuel Padron (Juarez)
Tristan Grimmer  (London)
Simon Hui  (Shanghai)

Contract Terms in Supply Agreements – Special Considerations in China, Mexico, Brazil and the EU

  • Delivery and Payment Terms
  • Mandatory Provisions and Hidden Provisions
  • IP Protection
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Termination, Disputes, Choice of Law, Remedies

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ModeratorMona Dajani (Chicago)
Gregory Lebrun  (Belgium)

IP Development and Protection in the Automotive Sector

  • R&D and IP Ownership
  • Considering Joint Ownership or Licensing of Technology

ModeratorSergio Legorreta (Mexico City)
Howard Wu (Shanghai)
Benjamin Koch (Munich)
Gabriela Paiva, Trench, Rossi e Watanabe*, (Sao Paulo)

Regulatory Issues with Connected Vehicles and Autonomous Driving

  • Distracted Driver Regulation
  • Telecoms, Data Protection and the Car
  • Privacy and Security Regulation
  • Regulatory Challenges Presented by Autonomous Driving

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ModeratorRaffaele Giarda (Rome)
Ulrich Ellinghaus (Frankfurt)
Michael Stoker (Chicago)
Howard Wu (Shanghai)
Sergio Legorreta (Mexico City)
Gabriela Paiva, Trench, Rossi e Watanabe*, (Sao Paulo)

*Trench, Rossi e Watanabe, a Brazilian law firm, has a strategic cooperation agreement with Baker & Mckenzie

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