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The news media and pundits are focused on the changes wrought by President Trump and his appointees during his first year in office. Meanwhile, lawyers and HR professionals are acutely attuned to the 2017 decisions issued by the federal appellate courts. During his eight years in office President Obama's appointments transformed the make-up of the thirteen federal courts. When President Obama arrived, four courts were majority Democratic, when he left nine were majority Democratic.

In 2017, the appellate courts issued a number of significant decisions with blockbuster developments sure to affect US employers. From transgender protections under Title VII to the protection of vulgar rants on social media, the federal courts weighed in on a wide variety of issues facing employers today.

Our webinar will help you stay ahead of the curve by explaining the impact of these major cases and helping you plan ahead for 2018.

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What US Employers Need to Know About How the Appellate Courts Changed the Labor and Employment Law Landscape in 2017

Date & Time

15 December 2017 12:00 PM - 15 December 2017 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time