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2016 was undoubtedly a year of change brought about by a shift in geopolitical sentiment. The future of trade agreements, the continued rise of China, and digital transformation will all challenge the status quo of how business is done, both in India and abroad.

In association with IMA India and Vahura, we are hosting two exclusive events in India as part of our Doing Business Globally series. The events will be held in New Delhi on 3 February and in Mumbai on 7 February.

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Until recently, conducting business in America and the EU was relatively stable. The outcome of the recent US presidential election raises many questions about US domestic investment, global trade, and sanctions. Questions surrounding the future of the EU and what Brexit means for Indian business are still unanswered. Will Brexit offer new opportunities for Indian businesses or will EU instability create new risks?

Despite the many changes, there is a compelling argument for Indian companies to enter new markets. Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America, in particular, offer new possibilities. To realise these possibilities, Indian companies must consider and adopt a global mindset to understand how both policy and industry capability will impact them across multiple borders, and to effectively manage the complexities that entering new markets presents. Fast-changing regulatory policies; acquiring, divesting or protecting assets; navigating through unfamiliar regulatory environments; settling disputes and trade arrangements; addressing cross-cultural differences in communication and business negotiations; and securing talent and managing labour conditions are complexities that need to be navigated. Discussions about these complexities are imperative now more than ever.

Our conversations in India will identify, through a series of debates, how policy and regulation – and the priorities of these governments and markets – are changing, and what the implications will be for Indian businesses investing abroad. These seminars are by invitation only.

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India's Growth Trajectory: Global Opportunities

Open the 2017 Doing Business Globally India session with insight into how both policy and industry capability will drive a rising India on the global plane:

  • What are Indian industries' opportunities for growth in the next decade?
  • How will the global regulatory environment shape and impact Indian investment?
  • Reflections on recent policy reforms and their implications for outbound investment
  • Bring in the global perspective on outward investments, and interesting findings from Baker McKenzie's Cross-Border Index