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Combining the knowledge of local laws and cultures with a global reach is just one of the ways Baker & McKenzie separates itself from other firms. Our genuinely global perspective allows us to operate without boundaries around the world, in every jurisdiction that is important to your business.

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Global Trade & Commerce


Global view, local ability

Even in an increasingly open global market, disparate local laws, varied business and cultural practices can pose challenges to trade. Changing market conditions and legislative priorities affect customs laws, exchange controls and foreign investment requirements. Unforeseen risks across borders can trigger liabilities and costs that outweigh investment returns.

At Baker & McKenzie, we bring deep local knowledge and vast cross-border capabilities to bear on helping you successfully compete in the world's established and emerging markets. Versed in WTO, regulatory and commercial issues, our 450 Trade & Commerce lawyers collaborate closely to help you design and implement sound international strategies that are built on global best practices and authentic local insight.

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International Trade Compliance Update

Santions Update

Specialists from the US and the EMEA regions will speak about the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), including the potential changes to sanctions, and its relation to business opportunities and risks.
US Department of Treasury issued extensive Temporary Regulations addressing inversion transactions and post-inversion planning which include two new rules, the multiple-step acquisition rule and "serial" acquisition rule.
One year after publication, Belgium's Transversal Royal Decree of 25 April 2014 is in force. The decree mandates certain disclosures when selling financial products to non-professional clients. It is inspired by the Europe's PRIPs KID Proposal, which protects consumers by addressing market imbalances between economically similar products.
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Every day our more than 4,000 lawyers, economists, tax advisors and other professionals share insights and best practices across borders and practices. We speak more than 75 languages and represent more than 55 nationalities, and the close relationships among our people fosters the trust needed to develop and deliver world-class solutions to multinational clients.

We share an uncompromising commitment to excellence, which explains why more of our lawyers are included as leading lawyers in the Chambers Global Guide to the World’s Best Lawyers than any other Global 20 law firm.

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Passionately global
We are passionately global — it's in our DNA.

We started with a vision of going global and were in eight countries before our 10th anniversary. Today we have 77 offices in 47 countries -- including the emerging markets so important to the growth of your business.
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We service clients throughout the world and in some countries where we do not have offices, working with carefully selected local firms to leverage our global knowledge and capabilities.

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We offer world-class career opportunities around the globe, while our entrepreneurial culture makes Baker & McKenzie a unique place to develop professionally.

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