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Combining the knowledge of local laws and cultures with a global reach is just one of the ways Baker & McKenzie separates itself from other firms. Our genuinely global perspective allows us to operate without boundaries around the world, in every jurisdiction that is important to your business.

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Open Source Code

Open source code is popping up everywhere. Many misconceptions exist and intellectual property and market opportunities might be put at risk if you do not have an appropriate strategy towards open source. We can advise you on the use and licensing of open source code, particularly in the following scenarios:

  • The transactional context: Problems arising in outsourcing, mergers, acquisitions, restructurings etc.
  • The use context: Technology companies using open source code offered by others.
  • The 'change of business model' context: Software companies moving towards offering their own software as 'open source code' due to market demands or considerations.

Our thorough understanding of open source licenses, technologies and industry trends means that we can review your existing policies and work with you to craft robust processes and policies for the usage of open source code such as:

  • Policy on open source code usage
  • Process description on how IT managers, developers, etc. must obtain approval from legal departments for particular open source usage
  • Summary charts on compliance requirements under existing source licenses to assist in-house counsel in the approval process
  • Counsel on particular problem situations e.g., how a certain code may be or may not be deployed and the repercussions under a particular license agreement

In this legal alert, we discuss the long-awaited approval of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and its implications. The new legislation, adopted last 24 March 2016, addresses data protection concerns in all sectors.
Our lawyers summarise Australian regulatory news for February 2016 to keep you informed of the latest regulatory developments affecting the telecommunications sector in Australia.
2015 has been a landmark year for the regulation of franchising in Australia, introducing a significantly enhanced Franchising Code with financial penalties for certain breaches.
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Every day our more than 4,000 lawyers, economists, tax advisors and other professionals share insights and best practices across borders and practices. We speak more than 75 languages and represent more than 55 nationalities, and the close relationships among our people fosters the trust needed to develop and deliver world-class solutions to multinational clients.

We share an uncompromising commitment to excellence, which explains why more of our lawyers are included as leading lawyers in the Chambers Global Guide to the World’s Best Lawyers than any other Global 20 law firm.

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Passionately global
We are passionately global — it's in our DNA.

We started with a vision of going global and were in eight countries before our 10th anniversary. Today we have 77 offices in 47 countries -- including the emerging markets so important to the growth of your business.
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We service clients throughout the world and in some countries where we do not have offices, working with carefully selected local firms to leverage our global knowledge and capabilities.

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We offer world-class career opportunities around the globe, while our entrepreneurial culture makes Baker & McKenzie a unique place to develop professionally.

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